Below are references of the flowers featured in SpringBloom. In my travels around the state I look and document, and then refer to this book and other sources to identify.

Below is my C# script that runs the drop function in the app. First I identify the game objects: the plant sprites to grow randomly, the ground, the timer, and the ARRaycastManager and the AR Session objects by calling the XR.ARFoundation and XR.ARSubsystems libraries in the top of the document. If the user taps the screen (the bool) and if the timer is up, a sprite from the array of sprites Plants[] will spawn. When a plane from AR Foundation is detected, the green locator dot appears, and a "pose" is detected. The Y position of the pose stored and called as the Y position for the spawned plant. I assume AR Foundation uses an image recognition algorithm. Each GameObject Plant in the array Plants[] has a script attached to it called Grow which continuosly spawns the Plants[] at random X and Z distances from the original plant everytime a different timer is up, at the same Y value.

I'll be posting some research materials here for you to browse throughout the month!
Tall Grass Prairie once covered 170 million acres of North America. The Bluestem app features two major tall grass species, Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem.

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