Grass Flower Weed


virtual storefront, AR applications

Grass Flower Weed is a virtual exhibition and online "dispensary" for OK#1 in Tulsa, OK, dispensing augmented reality apps and information about grasses and wildflowers found in Oklahoma. The project was made possible by support from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.

Grass Flower Weed features 3 strains of AR: Bluestem, SpringBloom, and Laaawn. Bluestem and SpringBloom populate your environment with a variety of flora found in Oklahoma. Bluestem features Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem native grasses of the tall grass prairie. SpringBloom features wildflowers Spring Beauty, Spring Vetch, Evening Primrose, Indian Paintbrush, Wine Cup, False Dandelion, Rayless Gallardia, Indian Blanket, Coreopsis, and Thistle along with ground covers Cheat Grass, Buffalo Grass, Fescue, Rescue Grass and Clover. Laaawn features turf grass.

This project aims to challenge the value and aesthetics of land maintenance, lawns, and weeds. It also works to compare our device use to marijuana use as escapist, relaxing, and stress-relieving while also being anxiety-provoking, paranoia-inducing, and addictive. Created during the Covid-19 pandemic, it provided a means of access to nature for those quarantined. Click here to visit the virtual storefront and download the apps: